Borewell Compressor Pumps and Motors

Borewell Compressor Pumps and Motors

By pressurizing air and forcing it through pipes into borewells, borewell compressor pumps create a mixture of compressed air and water that is less dense than the surrounding water and therefore flows upwards. Borewell compressors are used for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes for decades. With extensive experience in the industry, ELGi manufactures borewell compressor pumps and motors that are highly efficient, reliable and economical. Industrial air solutions is an authorized dealer of ELGi borewell compressor pumps and we offer both single and two stage borewell compressors. They are suitable for continuous use in food processing, farming, and the medical industry. These pumps consume low power and can be used in single or two stages with no clogging. So choose the right air compressor for your business.

Features of ELGi Borewell Compressors

Maintenance Practises

To prevent breakdown, serious damage and extensive downtime, a definite schedule of preventive maintenance inspections should be followed.

  • Do not operate the compressor with the valves shut off. It might lead to some damage.
  • Check the starter functionality.
  • Cool down the compressor before working because the compressor gets heated up during the operation.
  • Clean the compressor pump regularly.
  • Inspect the crankcase for oil levels. Consider refueling with the right grade and quantity of oil if necessary.
  • Check the tension of the belt.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean, and that the breather valve is seated properly by disassembling, cleaning, and checking once in a month.
  • To avoid leakage all the pipe joints should be checked.
  • If you notice any abnormalities in the working of your borewell compressor pump, contact the dealer from where it was purchased.