Mobile Service Unit

The Mobile Service Unit (MSU) functions as a “Workshop on Wheels,” equipped with essential workshop tools. Widely utilized in sectors like the Automobile, Tyre, and Mining industries, these mobile service vehicles address machinery needs in remote locales. Their preventive maintenance service ensures machines remain operational, reducing downtime. Elgi, an innovator since 1976, introduced its inaugural MSU for the Bhilai Steel plant. With a track record of crafting over Three Thousand MSUs, Elgi emphasizes ergonomic design and safety. MSUs, a hallmark of vehicle service excellence, feature tools ranging from Air Compressors to Fire Extinguishers, tailored for industry demands. These units, embodying ATS ELGI's commitment to mobile service, stand resilient in challenging conditions, reinforcing the company's esteemed brand image.

Elgi pioneered Mobile Service Technology in 1976 with building its first MSU (Mobile Service Unit) for Bhilai Steel plant. Elgi, now with the expertise of building over Three Thousands of MSU’s and with its dedicated R&D team for continuous product improvement delivers MSU’s with best ergonomic design, ruggedness, aesthetics and safety. A good volume of MSU’s over 4 Decades are made and still running at their best, worldwide.

ATS ELGI Mobile Service Units comprise service equipments like Air Compressor, Grease Pumps, Oil Pumps, Hose Reels, Diesel Generator Set, Control Panel, Arc Welder, Bench Grinder, Vehicle Washer, Tools Box, Accessories Kit, Diesel / Water storage Tank, Emergency Lamp, First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher, etc., Each of the Mobile service units are custom built as per customer and industry specific requirement. Being the first and foremost business of ATS ELGI, Mobile Service Units are built to survive in rugged conditions and to uphold the brand image of the Company.