How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Business?

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Business?

Due to their versatility, air compressors are great additions to any business. In comparison to electric power tools, these robust and reliable machines perform a wide range of tasks. Applications range from supplying energy to small appliances to industrial processes. Industrial and commercial businesses cannot function without air compressors. It can be difficult, however, to find the best air compressor suppliers for your business needs. There are a few factors to consider while choosing the perfect air compressor for your business.

Quality and Reliability

Customers often choose products based on their appearance, and then they suffer later due to downtime issues. Long-term performance is determined by the quality, construction and the air compressor features. In this regard, we at IAS sell ELGi industrial compressors of the highest quality and made using the best materials available. Also ensure that the supplier is stocked with genuine air compressor parts in case you need it. The objective of an air compressor supplier is to increase the efficiency and reliability of the air compressors that they sell. Compressor technology is continuously evolving, so the best air compressor suppliers emphasize incorporating these newer innovations into their products and systems.

Capacity of the Compressor

Volumetric flow of air and pressure at which it is compressed determine an air compressor's capacity. The power rating of an air compressor (in kW or HP) is likewise determined by this. Air audits help companies to get valuable insights into their plant’s compressed air utilization.

PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch measures the air pressure of that air output and symbolizes how well the compressor can pressurize air.

HP- Horsepower indicates the amount of power the compressor needs to turn on the pump.

CFM - This is the amount of air that is produced in Cubic Feet per Minute; so, 10 CFM means that it can release ten cubic feet in a minute.

Duty Cycle and Utilization

Generally, Industrial Recep compressors can operate at a duty cycle of 75% to 100% and Screw compressors are designed for a 100% duty cycle, making them capable of continuous operation. An understanding of the life cycle cost of a compressor is essential before making a purchase decision. It is composed of Initial Cost + Maintenance Cost + Energy Cost.

  • If the compressor usage is between 75-100% load pattern and on Budgetary, a reciprocating compressor should be selected.
  • If the use is between four and eight hours a day, a belt driven screw compressor is most appropriate.
  • If the use exceeds continuous operation for a day, a direct drive screw compressor should be selected.


The two main types of control systems used in air compressors are fixed-speed and variable-speed controls, both of which aim to match air supply to air demand. Consider the controller and the features of the machine before buying an air compressor. It might be digital or manual. You can also access maintenance schedules, history, and warnings. These systems provide you with the exact data that you need for optimal functioning of your air compressor.


The noise level of an air compressor system varies from model to model. Be it any model, some amount of noise while operating is common when it comes to compressed air systems. Many air compressors are designed with a noise reduction system to make the workplace more comfortable. No one needs a noisy machine. So before buying an air compressor it is important to consider the amount of noise level of an air compressor.

Cost and Service

To make the most informed purchase, you should consider your business needs and budget carefully. Compare quotes from several suppliers and choose the one with the best model, quality, and reliability. Therefore, it is essential to ask about the warranty, after-sales air compressor service and maintenance plans before purchasing an air compressor because they are expensive to repair often. So, you could save money by using the warranty to protect the compressor and even other parts.

Our professionals at IAS can simplify your work and help in selecting the industrial air compressor that is right for your small or medium sized business.