With the spread of COVID19, hygiene became a critical factor. ATS ELGi launched Human DisinfectO, which will address hygiene and sanitization for humans. With the human disinfection system, maximum disinfection is achieved by sanitizing all the visible surfaces of the human body.

ATS ELGi Human DisinfectO is a fully automatic disinfectant chamber that detects human movement automatically & covers the complete body.

Industrial Air Solutions put forward for our customers ATS ELGi Human Disinfecto that helps to keep in line with human hygiene and sanitization requirements.

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  • ATS ELGI disinfection tunnel is fully automatic
  • It detects people movement and starts automatically
  • It covers complete body
Tunnel size (L X W X H) in mm: 2743 X 1448 X 2362
Power: 230 V, 1 ph, 50 Hz
Pump motor: 1 HP
No of nozzles: 12
Working pressure: 25 Bar
Consumption: 120 lph
People movement detection: Photo sensor
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The ATS ELGi Human DisinfectO - The Hygiene and Sanitization of Humans