ELGi Single stage and Two stage Borewell Pumps

Operating Principle of ELGi Borewell Compressors

The operational principle of ELGi's borewell compressor pumps involves channeling compressed air down the borewell, mixed with groundwater. This creates a fine air-water mixture through an air distributor, exiting via the discharge pipe. The mixture's lower density than surrounding water causes it to rise in the delivery pipe, enabling water pumping. However, connecting a long conveyance pipe to the discharge outlet might cause hammering due to air pockets during horizontal travel.


  • Designed for efficiency close to zero maintenance
  • Highly efficient crankshaft with roller bearing
  • Rust-proof and robust steel-casting body
  • Non-stop performance and hardly heats up
  • Prompt and efficient after-sales service
  • High quality
  • Pipelines stay in the borewell; pump and motors are placed elsewhere.