How to Maintain Your Air Compressors to Gain Optimum Performance Efficiency?

How to Maintain Your Air Compressors to Gain Optimum Performance Efficiency?

When we talk about the performance efficiency of your air compressor, it is very essential to keep a proper maintenance system to ensure its smooth functioning. It can be broadly classified into the following 3 steps.

Preventive maintenance

A preventive maintenance system aims at detecting machine issues that may lead to costly repair and system downtime. A timely checkup tracks the situation when some parts need cleaning, replacement, or lubrication. Thereby enables you to resolve before they grow out of hand and leads to energy saving as well. Preventive measures include:

Air Filter recheck

The impurities passing through the compressor will be filtered in the air filte. So the regular replacement of this filter is essential for the proper functioning of the air compressor.

Daily inspection of main components

Before starting the air compressor system, checking all major components to make sure they are in good condition and pipes and hoses are free from damage. Pump oil levels need to be inspected as part of a routine checkup.

Drain the air tank

When the air compressor works the air tank will be filled with condensation. If this condensation is not drained off, it will surely damage major parts of your air compressor. Therefore, frequent draining of air tanks is essential for the smooth function of the compressor.

Oil Filter check

The dirt or dust in the oil filter will damage the filter element and will clog the oil filter. The quality of compressed air may be degraded if the oil passes through the system... To avoid this, regular timely inspection and change of oil filter become a necessity.

Regular inspection of air leakage

Inspecting air leakage in an air compressor system can avoid the wastage of air generated by the system. leakage in piping, joints hoses, or couplings can cause 20 – 30% air wastage of energy. By creating maintenance logs, inspection, and labeling leaks, plugging of leaks can prevent wastage of air and thereby money.

Choose Genuine Parts

By choosing genuine parts for your air compressor ensures longevity and efficient performance. Timely replacement of parts will help your compressor to run smoothly.

Lower the System Pressure

Each additional bar of pressure could lead to an increase in energy consumption by 7%. By using the lowest operating pressure your system needs, it can save energy up to 15%. Optimizing air compressor load and reducing the system pressure will ensure efficiency in your system performance.

Predictive Maintenance

This method is a condition-based system of monitoring the air compressor system and its major components to prevent frequent system downtime. By analyzing the sample of oil used in the compressor will help to identify the following:

  • Water Content
  • Additive degradation
  • Change in Acidity
  • Contamination
  • Change in Viscosity

Conventional Measures

  • The conventional method suggests keeping track on
  • Functioning of PLC
  • The functioning of control valves
  • Working of inlet and outlet temperatures of oil and air

Regular observation of the condition of cables, transformers, sensors, electrical contractors.

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