Test Lane

A test lane, pivotal for the automotive industry, utilizes advanced equipment such as Roller Brake, Suspension, and Side Slip testers to thoroughly evaluate vehicle health. As a trusted vehicle test lane machine supplier and test lane equipment dealer, it ensures comprehensive checks for cars. Whether it's a mobile test lane or a stationary setup, this automotive test lane enhances vehicle serviceability and ensures optimal on-road performance. The objective is clear: to provide a vehicle test lane for the automotive industry that elevates maintenance standards and promotes safer roads. Leveraging this technology, professionals can pinpoint issues, ensuring vehicles remain in top condition, underscoring the significance of a car test lane in today's automotive landscape.

Vehicle Safety Testing Equipment

  • Roller brake tester
  • Suspension tester
  • Side slip tester
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  • Passenger Vehicle(PV)
  • Measurement value,differential display and graphic of PC-Monitor (option) /Analog display
  • Automatic start-up monitoring
  • Delayed switch-on after entry and switch-off after exit
  • Automatic slip switch-off with pointer, automatic stop and restart
  • Single wheel switching
  • Electronic strain gauge measurement system
  • Self supporting closed roller set
  • Welded roller surface
  • Lockable main switch
  • Interface connection - RS 232
Parameter Range
Dimensions 1020 x 540 x 95 mm
Measuring Plate 1000 x 460 mm
Accuracy ± 0.1 m/Km
Measurement Range ± 20 m/Km
Max Axle Weight 3500 Kg
Parameter Range
Dimensions 2320 x 800 x 280 mm
Approximate Weight 450 kg
Track Width 800/2100 mm
Excitation Stroke 6 mm
Excitation Frequency 25 Hz
Wheel Load Max 1000 kg
Max. Axle Weight 2000 kg
Power Supply 3 x 400V + PE / 50 Hz
Motor Power 2 x 3 kw
Parameter Range
Dimensions 2320 x 680 x 280 mm
Track Width 780 x 2200 mm
Approximate Weight 400 kg
Maximum load per axle 4 T
Diameter of rollers 206 mm
Separation between rollers axles 400 mm
Power Supply 3 x 400V + PE / 50 Hz
Fiction Rate Dry approx. > 0.8
Wet approx. > 0.6
Measuring Range 0.6 kN
Top Speed 5 km/h
Motor Power 2 x 4.6 kw

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Test Lane