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Compressed air generated by air compressors contains inherent impurities that are detrimental to compressed air conveying and the end application. Some common contaminants of compressed air can be water, dirt, small wear particles, bacteria, and sometimes even degraded lubricating oil. There may be formation of acidic sludge when these impurities mix together. This sludge might increase the wear and tear of end applications like pneumatic tools, valves orifices, and electro-pneumatic controls like relays, etc.,

Only compressed air that is totally clean and dry shall ensure reliable working of compressed air systems and maximize energy savings. To make the air friendly to the environment and end-use, Industrial Air Solutions offers a wide range of pneumatic downstream and upstream accessories. The air treatment downstream accessories offered by ELGi are called AIRMATE systems and energy conservation systems are classified as ELGi CONSERVE.

Industrial Air Solutions, supply aluminum piping for compressed air systems, that ensures lower installation cost.

Being an authorized dealer of ELGi Air Accessories and parts, we offer a wide range of durable, and genuine air accessories for your compressors. We provide ELGi Air Accessories and Parts in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Nilgiris, and Palghat. Call us for more details.

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