Experience the pressure

Experience the pressure

Balls are engineered items and different sporting competitions demand varied functions.. It’s the pressure of the air present in the ball that helps to keep it firm and in the desired shape. Most important, they bounce only at the optimum pressure. Different sports ball need varied pressure levels depending upon the sport which is measured in Pounds Per Square Inch ( PSI).

Winning that game, everyone knows about the pressure, did you know that the ball itself requires pressure!!!

If the ball has the right amount of pressure, it would bounce effectively, If the air pressure is low, the force required to bounce at a certain height will be deficient and if the ball is over inflated, the force will induce the ball to bounce higher.

Making of Balls with Compressed Air- No Edges or Corners

Different sports have approached ball making in different ways. Inflating and pressurizing the core is the crucial process and compressed air inflation method is one of the most widely used technique. The tennis ball and the basketball use almost the same technique. Two halves of the ball are conjoined. The panels are held together with one continuous line of stitches. In the case of a volleyball , three semi-rectangular panels allow the rounded shape to emerge. The football is unique, it consists of thirty-two panels–twelve regular pentagons and twenty regular hexagons.

In the compressed air inflation method, when the panels are joined, the core is created in the compressed air chamber. Later the core is cooled which results in the decrease in the internal pressure than that of the pressure outside. Once the pieces are joined, the outer covering of the ball is prepared and finally it is stamped with a logo.

To start the ball rolling

A ball in any sport is an equipment along with other skill sets of the player such as strategy and tactics that is crucial for the player to play a better game. However, the pressure in the ball is the fundamental element that determines its performance.

When you head to a field next time, take a moment to look at the ball. Its not just a ball , Its an exercise for experiencing the pressure.

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