Compressed air plays a major role in the operation of many plants and factories. Maintaining efficiency is so important as compromised compressed air can lead to poor outputs. The inefficiency of an air compressor can cost a lot to the company. Optimizing the air compressor is essential to maximize the investment. The below tips can help you save energy and optimize the working condition of your air compressor.

Reduce the pressure:

When the pressure is high, the energy required is also more. Increased pressure can increase power consumption by up to 7%. Install a pressure regulator to check on pressure drops that are caused and it can save 15% of the energy that is generated. Also, calibrate the pressure gauges to maintain the right pressure level.

Replace filters:

Change filters on time to maintain air quality. The clogs in the filter can cause pressure drops and hinder efficiency. Regular change of filters can reduce the errors and helps in achieving a quality product.

Fix leaks:

Inspect for leaks and fix them. Leaks can greatly affect the efficiency of the compressor. Even a small leak in the compressed air system can cause energy loss and costs you more. The leaks can waste up to 20-30% of the energy generated by the air compressor. A regular inspection can prevent leakages.

Check drains:

Drains should be checked regularly. Ensure that they are designed without getting stuck. Drain the air compressors regularly after use to avoid moisture buildup inside. It is better to replace the timed drains with zero-loss drains.


Make sure you dust and clean the air compressor once every few months. The dust particles can also impact air compressor efficiency. Special care should be taken on compressor coolers and heat exchangers. A well-maintained compressor will save cost and energy.

Choose the right dryer:

Air dryers help in removing the moisture and supplies dry air to your plant. Pick the right-sized dryer for your air compressor to avoid adding to the electricity bill.

Perform an air audit:

An air audit determines the problems that reduce the efficiency of an air compressor. Get an air audit with experts and get insights about the utilization of compressed air. We have helped many businesses save costs and energy over the years.