Vacuum Cleaner – Dual Vac 78 ltr

ATS ELGI multi- application vacuum cleaners are efficient solution for both personal and professional cleaning tasks. Thanks to the extremely robust, high performance suction motor it is suitable for both wet & dry vacuums for any cleaning requirement of automobile garages, offices, house etc.

Our vacuum cleaner optimize air flow patterns and are extremely energy efficient. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-navigate places, these machines pack a powerful punch every time they are put to use, equipped with the finest technology available in the world today.

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  • Antibacterial filters – Patented Antibacterial filters with silver ions (Ag+) which can destroy cell membranes of bacteria, fungous, viruses and microparasites.
  • High performance motor – Equipped with high proven and high performance European motor with an improved life span.
  • Multi- application- Suitable for both Wet and Dry vacuuming.
  • Air aspirator- Equipped with air aspirator in the handle to adjust the suction power during dry vacuuming and to reduce motor over heating during wet vacuuming.
  • Cleaning with hygiene- Antibacterial filters with silver ions, not only cleans but also destroys bacteria, fungous, viruses and microparasites.
  • Multi-application- Suitable for both professional and domestic users.
  • High performance motor- Auto cut off feature ensures increased motor life.
  • Air aspirator- Increases the motor life by reducing motor overheating.
Parameter Dual Vac
No. of motors 2
Stages Double
Volt(V) 220-240
Frequency(Hz) 50
P. Max(W) 1300
Water lift(mm H20) 2376
Air flow (m3/h) 605
Noise level(dB) 75
Tank Capacity(L) 78
Tank material Plastic
Weight(Kg) 27
Warranty(months) 12

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Dual Vac 78 ltr