Dismantling of trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles are increasingly important for recyclers worldwide. Working with them, SEDA has developed a depollution solution.

Old trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles have different requirements than car recycling. This solution enables you to remove diesel, used oil and other fluids effectively without the use of a lifting platform. The SEDA drilling device has been specially adapted to remove fuels from commercial vehicles cleanly and efficiently.

Mobile and easy to clean collecting trays with a 110 litre capacity, can catch transmission, engine oil and cooling fluid smoothly. High performance pumps are used for removing the liquids, which are filtered and pumped into their respective storage tanks.

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  • No vehicle lifting necessary
  • Clean removal of liquids
  • Complete emptying of fuel tank
  • All connections are pre-installed
  • Explosion protection through ATEX tank drilling device
Air pressure 8,5 bar – 1.100 l/min
Fluids Petrol/Diesel, Waste oil, Hydraulic oil, Coolant, Washer fluid, Brake fluid
Size 2,2 x 0,5 x 1,8 metre
Space needed 15 x 4 x 6 m

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