Steam Washer

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapour to clean a car’s exterior and interior. For decades steam has been a critical component of the cleaning industry due to its effectiveness and sanitizing power. Today, steam has become an ever-growing asset to the car wash industry.

ATS ELGI is leading the way by introducing commercial grade steam cleaners, specifically tailored for washing cars!

The steam generated by the Steamer is hot enough to lift off any grease and soil, produces enough pressure to break down dirt, and is gentle enough to not damage the surface. In less time than a traditional car wash, the Steamer not only thoroughly washes your vehicle, but also sanitizes the interior and refurbishes greasy engine parts anew. It can even also reach the tightest spaces and fittings that would otherwise be completely inaccessible with a pressure washer.

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  • Works on Diesel and Electricity - Diesel for the burner and Electricity for the pump.
  • Consume as little as 4-5 litres of water per car wash
  • No drainage required like manual wash.
  • Easy “Plug in and Play”, no major installation procedure
  • Two operators can clean at once
  • Effortless in degreasing hard dirt & bird droppings.
  • Portable and doesn’t occupy much space.
  • Eco Friendly, No much water run off
  • Adjustable moisture control valve
  • Remove, dirt, stains and grease
  • Deodorize and sterilize surfaces
  • Clean interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, door jams, floor mats, tires, trunks, upholstery, wheel wells, and hard to reach nooks and crannies
  • Remove stains from upholstery in less time and using less water than an extractor


Description Unit Value
Voltage V 230
Type of current Hz 1~50
Connected Load W 500
Protection degree -- IPX5
Pressure Inlet bar 10
Dimension (L X B X H ) mm 920 X 610 X 850
Weight kg 130

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Steam Washer