SmartWash DUO

India is the largest 2W manufacturer in the world. Consequently, servicing and maintenance of 2W play a significant role.

Cleaning is the first step in servicing a vehicle and 2W washing requires the right set of tools. A 2W washing lift is the most important equipment in washing that helps technicians have access to the hard-to-reach areas of a two-wheeler while washing. Keeping with the market trend, we at ATS ELGI have launched Smart Duo washing lift.

This system is designed to wash two vehicles at a time, resulting in significant savings of time and water usage. It can support indoor and outdoor installation, since the equipment is fully galvanised. Equipped with foldable ramps to ensure the operator could safely get 360 degree accessibility to clean the 2W adding to safety features the equipment is fitted with Mechanical Safety Locks to ensure safety to the operators and the 2W on the lift.

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  • Front wheel lock mechanism to reduce operator fatigue
  • Easy access to all parts of vehicle
  • Washing of two vehicles simultaneously
  • Can be installed in multi-storeyed building
  • Improves productivity
  • Enable efficient utilization of water source
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Reduce operation time
  • Mechanical Lock System – Ensure the Safety to Operator & Vehicle while washing
  • Foldable Ramp – Ensure easy access to Vehicle wash by operator
  • Galvanized Structure – Ensure Rust free structure from water usage on lift
  • No Civil Work required – Ergonomically designed to ensure installation at multi-storeyed workshops
  • Effortless Loading & Unloading – Option available for center stand & side stand vehicles for effortless loading and unloading
Sl. No Parameter Unit Data
1 Max Lifting capacity kg 1000
2 Max Lifting capacity of each platform kg 500
3 Max lifting height with load mm 815
4 Minimum height mm 200
5 Distance Between two Platform mm 710
5 Top platform size mm 2000 x 350
6 Type - Electro - hydraulic
7 Safety mechanism - Mechanical
8 Safety lock release - Manual
9 Lifting time Sec 20
10 Lowering time Sec 30
11 Weight of the unit kg 265 approx.
12 Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2736 x 1410 x 200
13 Power Pack Motor Hp 3

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