Prep Station is basically used for carrying out all preparatory works before painting, Even minor paint jobs can also be done inside this specially designed preparatory booth. During the sanding and putty application mode the air from inside undergoes 3 level of filtration before exhaust. During the primer and paint application mode the air from inside undergoes 4 level of filtration before exhaust.

Model : Prep King

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  • Automotive Bodyshops , Industries
  • Sanding & Small painting jobs
  • Quick repair bays in body shop
  • Downdraft type
  • 3 sided wall with PVC curtain
  • Ceiling filter , base filter , pre-filter and pocket filter
  • 3 level of filtration in drying mode
  • 4 level of filtration in painting mode
  • Pneumatically operated automatic dampener control
  • Suitable for minor paint repair jobs , ensures quick repair thus increasing the productivity
  • Integral drive on ramp to reduce installation space
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Flame proof PVC curtains
S.No Specifications Prepstation
1 Power supply 3 Phase , 415 volts , 50 Hz with neutral and earth
2 Internal Dimension  6.3 x 3.7 x  2.6 M
3 Motor Power 7.5 HP
4 Blower capacity 18000 m3/Hr
5 Lighting >1000 Lux
6 Side wall Polyurethane Sandwich panel
7 Door PVC curtain

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