New Gen Head Light Beam Aligner

HLBA is an instrument to check both the orientation and intensity of a vehicle headlamps beam to ensure that it meets a minimum standard for the country of use of the vehicle.

It is the most versatile and user friendly equipment

A feature often included as part of such a tester is a method by which the intensity of the beam can be measured. This is achieved with a light meter or Lux meter which is incorporated within the assembly itself.

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Machine can be used for

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Suitable for headlights with LED, HALOGEN and XENON lamps
  • Suitable to verify and adjust any kind of head lamp (High, Low and Fog lights)
  • Laser alignment visor and central laser pointer to easily positioning of the unit in front of the vehicle
  • Digital luxmeter
  • Internal regulable measuring screen with scale for both right- and left-hand drive vehicles
  • Height adjustment system with locking system
  • Comfortable use due to the positioning of the wheels
  • Robust anti-skid base
  • Easy to use
Parameter UOM Specification
Measuring height Min. mm 250
Measuring height Max. mm 1350
Unit dimensions mm 610 x 480 x 1580
Unit weight Kg 25 approx.

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