Heavy Duty Mobile column Lift adopts unique hydraulic vertical lifting system and high-precision balance control device to ensure perfect synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders and smooth lifting up and down. This lift is applicable to assembly, maintain, repair, change oil and wash different commercial vehicles (city bus, passenger vehicle and middle or heavy truck).

Model : ML4030

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  • Suitable for heavy duty vehicles
  • Remote control operations
  • No dedicated bay required
  • Can be used both indoor & outdoor
  • Automatic trouble shooting & debugging
  • Overload protection enabled
  • Peak limit switch incorporated
  • Automatic leveling ensures column synchronization
Capacity per Column (tons) 5.5T / 7.5T
No. of Column 4 / 6
Max. Lifting Height (mm) 1700
Lifting Up & Down Time (Secs) 90
Adjustable Fork Arm (mm) 240 - 600
Accommodate Wheel Size (mm) 330 – 1120 mm
Motor Power per Column 3 KW, 3 HP, 3 PH

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