The SEDA GreenPoint DUO is a version of the SEDA Tank Drilling Machine GreenPoint with an additional integrated fuel pump including inline filters and has a newly developed fuel switching system.

When drilling into potentially explosive environments, performance is nothing without safety. The SEDA Tank Drilling Machine has been university tested and declared risk free and has passed the strict European ATEX certification test for machines, used in potentially explosive environments.

The reliable air powered drill and specially designed drill bit make light work of metal or plastic fuel tanks. While the powerful vacuum unit pulls the drilling head flush against the fuel tank, creating a seal, eliminating petrol fumes and allowing a fast and efficient drainage rate. The drilling process itself only takes a few seconds.

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  • Clear fuel separation
  • With integrated pump
  • Autonomous use
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Fully air powered
  • For plastic & steel tanks
  • Powerful
  • Higher fuel quality
  • Explosion proof (ATEX)
  • Fast and effi cient working process
  • Quality proven (more than 30 million tanks depolluted accident free)
Weight 70 kg
Compressed air supply 8 bar
Compressed air performance 1.000 l/min
Special drill ø 20 mm
Drill speed max. 220 U/min
Cutting speed max. 10,4 m/min

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