Digital Wall Mounted Tyre Inflator

Digital Tyre inflators are ideal for garages, small workshops and fuel filling stations. It delivers accurate tyre pressure with no wastage.

Model: 140 WNX & 170 WNX

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  • 2W
  • PCV
  • LCV
  • Tyre Shops
  • Tractors
  • Mining
  • Automatic tyre inflating system
  • Stand model design which suits outdoor usage like in fuel filling stations
  • Accurate tyre pressure ensures proper grip and extends the life of tyre
  • Digital backlit display of set pressure and tyre pressure
  • Clear visibility in LCD backlit display in day light and night
  • High performance solenoid valves
  • Able to perform in rugged conditions with low maintenance
  • In built stand for easy operations
Parameters Models
140 WNX 170 WNX - CV
Measuring resolution(Psi) 0.1 0.1
Display Resolution (Psi) 1.0 1.0
Power (W) 25  25
Operating Voltage (V) 230 230
Operating Pressure (Psi) 0-140 0-170
Setting Pressure (Psi) 7-140 70-170
170 WNX Model is not suitable for 2W & PCV

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Digital Tyre inflators