Dent Liner+

Which is a complete solution for repairing car body panel repairs., and we are pleased to share that ATS ELGI offers a highly accurate and extremely reliable product for the use at all Body shop Centers.

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  • Separate Trolley of Spotter for Mobility
  • Special Aluminum Hammers in a Case
  • Hammer & Dolly Set for Panel Beating
  • Claw Puller for Quick Pulling
  • Saves Man Hours Drastically
  • Increases Productivity & Profitability
  • Heavy duty Spotter for higher duty cycle
  • Automatic TAB Shooter for TAB welding
  • Triangle, Round & Star Washer Welding
  • Wavy Wire Welding
  • Contact Shrinking
  • Individual Pulling Bar Sets for Quick Go
S.No Specifications Dent Liner+
1 Power 2 Φ, 400 V, 50 Hz
2 Max Welding Current  3800 A
3 Pmax 10.5 kW
4 Dimensions 390 x 260 x 225 mm (Trolley not included)
5 Weight 21 Kg + Trolley

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Dent Liner+