Gas torch for burning off natural gas – specially designed for emptying tanks of CNG vehicles.

When emptying the gas tanks of CNG vehicles, it is necessary to remove or burn off the fuel in a designated safe area specifically structured for this task.

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  • Torch with burner pipe, 560 mm long
  • Telescopic stand max. useful height up to 2,5 m
  • Isolation ball valve
  • Gas withdrawal fuse and flame arrestor
  • Natural gas pressure regulator, pe = 220 bar, pa = 3-4 bar
  • Natural gas hose, l = 10 m, DN 20, PN 16 (Connecting line from the existing natural gas pressure regulator to torch)
  • Natural gas high pressure hose, l = 0,5 m, PN 300, DN 8 as a connection from the gas tank to the pressure regulator
  • Cartridge burner with piezo ignition
  • Leak detection spray frost proof 400 ml
  • Gloves
Parameter Range
Connections 6 mm + 8 mm
Power 480 KW/h (36 l/h)

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