Automatic Tyre Changer

This Automatic Tyre Changer is packed with several user based features to ease up the process of tyre changing. The carefully designed parts are durable and fail-safe.

Model : Automatic

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  • Passenger Vehicle(PV)
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
  • Two wheeler(2W)
  • Tyre shop
  • The detachable protective cover makes the maintenance more convenient.
  • The diameter of the quadric shaft and hexangular shaft is increased. This enhances the strength of the tire dismounting/mounting. It is also equipped with rolling bearings which guarantees the shaft not easy to be crushed for along time of use.
  • The tool head of special material is not easy to be deformed and cracked. This can effectively guarantee the life of the use.
  • The turn table is equipped with the protective cover improving the level of the machine and makes it more attractive and the scale is equipped on the protective cover.
Parameter Range
Motor Power 1.1kW
Air Requirement 8 - 10 bar
Internal Rim Clamping 12”- 23”
External Rim Clamping 10”- 20”
Bead Breaker Tire Width 3”- 15”
Maximum Tire Diameter 41”
Power Supply Single Phase

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