Automatic Bus Washer – 3B PIVOT

ATS ELGI has launched an automatic bus washer that meets the high demand from commercial workshops as they increasingly adopt automation to improve productivity and lower dependence on human resources.

The product is ideal for washing of all types of buses. It is capable of washing buses up to 15 metres in length, 2.6 metres in width and 4 metres in height.

The product is set to dramatically improve the efficiency of workshops.At present, it takes at least 4 - 5 staff and 30 minutes to 1 hour to wash a bus manually. Manual washing of a bus also consumes 400 - 600 litres of water.

Now,with the automatic bus washer,a workshop can accomplish the task in 6 minuteswith only 145 litres of water and reduced manpower.

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  • Automatic vehicle sensing system
  • Precise Contour following system for roof carriers & A/C filters
  • Protection against earth leakage
  • Anti-toppling locks to avoid derailing
  • Can wash 8 - 9 buses per hour
  • 3-brush system makes simultaneously washing of top and side of a bus possible
  • Enabled with Limit switch to ensure proper movement of Horizontal Brush
  • Advanced Electronic Transducer system for Precise & optimized Horizontal Brush performance
  • Improves washing quality and maintains it throughout the day
Parameter UOM Data
 Model - ABW 3B PIVOT
 Machine type - Roll over gantry
 Input supply voltage V 3 Ph, 415 +10% / -15%
 Frequency Hz 50
 Control system - PLC
 Max. bus length washable mm 15000 (49.2 ft approx.)
 Bus washable width mm 2500 to 2600 (8.2 to 8.5 ft approx.)
Max. bus height washable mm 4000 (13 ft approx.)
No. of brushes Nos 3 (2 vertical & 1 horizontal)
No. of water nozzles Nos 14 (10 side & 4 top)
No. of shampoo nozzles Nos 9 (6 side & 3 top)
Material of construction - Hot dip galvanized steel & SS bare metal
Machine overall dimensions mm (LxWxH) 2810 x 5200 x 5220
  • Superior wash quality
  • Reduced dependency on manpower
  • Efficient water & power utilization
  • Can handle up to 15 meter long buses
  • Complete washing within 4 to 6 minutes*
  • * Time & water consumption varies according bus length


3-Brush System

  • Roll-over Bus Washer
  • Overlapping Vertical Brushes
  • Contour Following Horizontal Brush
  • PVDF Nozzles for longer life
  • Under-Chassis Washer (Optional)


2-Brush System

  • Roll-over Bus Washer
  • Overlapping Vertical Brushe
  • High Pressure Oscillating Top Nozzles Fixed/Contour Following (Optional)
  • PVDF Nozzles for longer life
  • Under-Chassis Washer (Optional)

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