Safe Workplaces and Employees: The Importance of Workplace Safety

Safe Workplaces and Employees: The Importance of Workplace Safety

Safety should be a top priority in any working environment. Industrial safety is the process where employees, equipment, and facilities are protected. Being safety-oriented can help improve your efficiency at the workplace. At Industrial Air Solutions we take all the measures to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. All the work is carried out by well-trained and skilled employees to ensure safety. Our employees maintain high morale and are well trained to guarantee a safe workplace. When it comes to working with machinery like air compressors all the employees need to be well trained in safety procedures.

Tips to Improve Employee Safety in Your Industry

  • Spread awareness about safety: To make safety a priority at your workplace, it is important to educate all your team members about the safety procedures that are followed in your industry. Make sure you conduct proper training sessions for all your employees about handling equipment and tools properly.
  • Provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Employees who wear PPE are protected while on the job or operating certain kinds of machinery.
  • First aid: Make sure you have the first aid kit accessible always. Also, teach all your employees how to use it in case of an emergency.
  • Inform about unsafe conditions: Always inform your higher authority when you find something that is damaged or has to be cleared immediately so that safety is ensured.
  • Take breaks in between Most injuries take place when the person is tired and does not pay attention to the surrounding dangers. Taking time to time breaks can help workers be alert while working.
  • Keep emergency exits clear: Remove all clutter that may be blocking emergency exits, equipment shutoffs, and work areas.

Is breathing air from the air compressor safe? Air compressors usually collect all the dirt and debris from the surrounding area. So, while working with air compressors make sure you have proper ventilation and natural airflow. Also wear a respirator or mask to protect yourself from inhaling pollutants.

Despite their complexity, air compressors present many potential safety hazards. In the same way as other high-powered machinery, air compressors require safety measures to ensure operator and employee safety. Our safety checklist for air compressors can keep you and your employees safe during compressor operation, maintenance, and repairs.

Air Compressor Safety Tips

  • Perform pre-operation checks regularly.
  • Check for leaks and oil levels. Do not change the oil when the compressor is running.
  • Place your machine in a safe, clean, and dry place. Wet conditions might cause damage and electrical problems.
  • Drain the tanks when needed. It can prevent the tank from exploding or rusting.
  • Ensure all your hose fittings are tight.
  • Switch off the machine when it is not running.
  • Read the manual properly about the operation of a specific air compressor model when you buy it new.
  • Never point the hoses or any air tools at anyone or yourself as it can cause bodily injuries.