Our Vehicle Washing Systems

Our Vehicle Washing Systems

The number of cars running is increasing every day. With such high numbers, washing them and maintaining them clean is also a challenge nowadays. People prefer washing cars by others rather than doing it themselves. The car washing technology is also constantly changing allowing people to wash their cars in a smaller space, with less water, and also at a lower cost. To combat the demands, ATS ELGi designs and manufactures automatic car washers that remove dirt and dust very effectively and offers maximum cleanliness. They reduce manual labor and also save water compared to manual cleaning. Car washing is also a very good business opportunity.

How often should you clean your car?

It is advisable to clean your car at least once every week. Washing exteriors, cleaning and dusting your interiors and simple vacuuming can help get rid of bacteria and unpleasant odors and thus help the passengers have a pleasant journey. Deep cleaning of the car can be done once a month to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness.

To meet the demands of the washing industry ATS ELGi manufactures automatic and manual washing systems for cars, buses, two-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles.

Why choose ATS ELGi vehicle washing systems?

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Leading distributor of automotive service equipment in India
  • High-quality design
  • Wide range of products
  • Widespread network across the globe
  • Best-in-class service
  • Skilled professionals
  • Excellent customer care

ATS ELGi washers are highly efficient with minimum maintenance and service requirements. They are built with heavy-duty motors to ensure continuous operation and get the washing job done in a very short period. Contact us for more automotive garage equipment, and vehicle washing systems.