Our Commitment to Employees Safety at Our Workplace

Our Commitment to Employees Safety at Our Workplace

After around three months of enforced self-isolation, as states and cities lifted lockdown restrictions, workplaces are back in business, and public transports are operational again. NOT because coronavirus has been vanished. This fact reminds us to be cautious about our health as well as our compatriots and families.

Prioritizing the health & safety of our workforce, Industrial Air Solutions strictly adhere to implementing new strategies and safety precautions before resuming back.

Counseling Our Workforce

In this unprecedented situation of COVID-19, we would like to extend our support and guidance to our workforce by educating them on:

  • The signs & symptoms of Covid19 and what to do if they fall ill or are exposed to someone at risk.

Encourage our employees to tighten up immunity.

  • Importance of maintaining social distance during business meetings and public gatherings.

Avoid greeting others by way of hugging or shaking hands.

  • Importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Hygiene not only prevents coronavirus but many other illnesses as well like the flu, diarrhea, common cold, stomach infection, etc.

Frequently disinfect hands with soap & water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Thermal Scanning And Checking

  • It has been made mandatory for those entering our workplace to wear a clean mask or face covers as per requirements.
  • We have implemented thermal screening at the entrance to ensure staff or visitors with symptoms are not exposed to others.

Sanitization Of Office Premises

We have scheduled daily sanitization of our premises by:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of all high touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, telephones, inside lift, desks & chairs.
  • Work premises including entry-exit points, inside workstations, work desks are equipped with hand sanitizers.

Protection Kit For The Workforce

  • Industrial Air Solutions ensures our workforce wear proper masks, gloves, and work clothes during cleaning procedures, guidance on their use.

Sanitization Of Products

  • Industrial Air Solutions, not only focus on the safety of our workers but our customer’s safety as well.
  • All our products are well sanitized before delivering to our customers.

Social Distancing

  • As part of maintaining social distancing, our employees have been directed to maintain a minimum distance of six feet in all places whether it’s an office desk, elevators, conference room, canteen, or parking lots.