The Single-Stage Belt Drive Reciprocating Compressors

The Single-Stage Belt Drive Reciprocating Compressors are designed for continuous duty application. These single-stage cylinder belt-driven reciprocating compressors are reliable workhorses and can generate up to 10 bar g pressure suitable for most industries and automotive applications. Compared to other reciprocating compressors, belt-driven reciprocating compressors are well known for their durability through intermittent usage patterns.ELGi piston compressors are energy efficient, compact, silent, flexible, reliable, and offer low maintenance costs.


  • Concrete batch plants
  • LPG dispensing units
  • Utility air in petrol pumps
  • Garages
  • Small manufacturing workshops
  • Single stage belt driven compressors
  • Slow running speeds
  • Models available in 45L, 100L and 160L receiver versions
  • Single and three phase motor options available
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Single-Stage Belt