G15 BT2

The G15 BT2 has an array of attractive Graphic User Interface screens for easy understanding and faster Alignment. The compact measuring head delivers higher reliability and faster measurement.

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  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)
  • Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV)
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
  • Buses
  • Passenger Vehicle(PV)
  • Tyre shop
  • Moniter: 19"-LCD
  • Number of sensors : 8
  • Simultaneous Front and Rear Wheel Alignment (4x4)
  • Runout Compensation in Single Rotation
  • Thrust Angle Compensation
  • Unlimited Memory for Vehicle Specifications
  • Power Failure Data Protection
  • Animated Pictorial Display of Angles During Allignment
  • Three Colour Bar Display for Adjustment of All Angles
  • Electronic on - Line Arms Leveling
  • Spoiler Program
  • Quick Wheel Alignment Program for Adjustment of Toe
  • Rear Set Back
  • Longer battery life
  • Step by step measurement procedure up to 7 axles
Parameter Range
Standard Clamp Measure 12″-24″
Vehicle Can Measure Car, Lcv, Hcv
Operating System Windows
Measuring System CCD
Data Transmission Rf-2.4GHz
No of Sensors 8
Toe Range ± 25º
Toe Accuracy ± 02′
Camber Range ± 10º
Camber Accuracy ± 02′
Caster Range ± 20º
Caster Accuracy ± 05′
SAI Range ± 20º
SAI Accuracy ± 05′
Setback Range ± 05º
Setback Accuracy ± 02′
Thrust Angle Range ± 05º
Thrust Angle Accuracy ± 02′
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